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Quotes from Our Valued Employees

"I am extremely proud of our achievements. PM Maintenance and PM Construction Services have built an exceptional reputation throughout the industry in such a short time. I owe that to the extraordinary staff that I have surrounded myself with. They share my commitment to quality and dedication to our clients and that has elevated us above the competition. "

Paul Major, President

"We at PM take great pride in our employees! We give each and every employee goals along with the tools and resources to do a great job! We strive to continuously enhance the office efficiency, technology and the office to field communications to enable the field staff to better assist our clients in any situation. We value every business relationship we develop including our clients, subcontractors, vendors and employees. Every member of the PM team plays an integral role in this organization and we thank each and everyone for our continued success!"

Ann Marie Major, Executive Manager

"I am proud to be part of the PM team. With the strong reputation in this industry, exceptional workmanship, commitment to quality and on time performance it is an easy sell."

William Strecker, Sales and Estimating Department

"PM's commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of the company; not only to our clients, but to our employees as well. Recognition of our employees' skills and effort affords us with the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. I am honored to be part of this team, and look forward to a long, prosperous future with my family at PM."

Crystal Langella, Administrative Management Coordinator

"In these past ten years here at PM Construction, we have experienced steady growth. As a midsized General Contracting firm centered in the New York Tri-state area, we have traveled as far as Miami Beach, Florida, with multiple projects up and down the East coast.

We have not just grown as a General Contractor, but have had in place for years now a Construction Managerial Team that can meet the Client's needs from conception of a project to close-out, operating as Construction Manager. This ability to operate as CM allows PM Construction Services, with it's vast experience, to control costs at the inception of a project allowing the Client to receive more for less. We have been involved with dozens of projects at the earliest possible stages and the results are outstanding, with costs at no more than 2% above the GMP upon completion of the project.

PM's Estimating Department has grown significantly and has for some time compromised budgets for $5 Million dollars based on a simple plan outline or narrative in days, not weeks, saving the Client money at every turn. It is my pleasure to work here at PM, and my hope is to continue working and growing with the PM Construction Services family into the future."

Thomas Hannafey, Project and Corporate Safety Manager

"Working for PMC has been a great learning experience for me. We are a very diverse group with experience in many different areas of the construction industry. The company has given me the ability to succeed by providing me with the best tools, man power and knowledge available today."

Artie Gavitt, Project Manager

"As a Field Supervisor at PM Construction Services, I have learned to recognize the obstacles that our staff is often hit with in our day to day operations. I am quick to address any and all issues in order to achieve the desired end result within the predetermined timeline. It is with the support of upper management and the office staff that those obstacles are easily overcome. This has been a great learning experience for me and it has been a great pleasure to be a part of the team at PM. I enjoy the long lasting relationships we have built with our clients and I find great joy in hearing that we have done an excellent job in bringing our client's vision to a reality."

George Donovan, Project Manager

"The strength of the project team is developed in the network of commitment on the project. My role at PM is to take care of the needs of the project team and the customer by allocating resources while considering budgeting and staffing based on the goals set.
I am an experienced, creative, mature, visionary leader."

Angelo Valla, Project Executive


"Having been with PM Construction Services since its inception, I can honestly say I feel fortunate and proud to be a part of a Company I consider to be so distinctive & extraordinary.

Over the past 14 years, I have watched and participated in the shaping of this Company and its staff into an organization which provides our clients with services that meet their particular needs, while also providing an exciting and challenging work environment for PM Construction's employees.

Being a Project Executive for the Company affords me the opportunity to see and work in all aspects of the business, thus affording me an understanding of our client's needs and how we can meet them with greater ease.

I look forward to many more years of innovative and interesting projects with PM Construction Services."

Christopher Gavitt, Project Executive

“I am proud to be a team member at PM Construction Services. It’s a very professional company that focuses on quality. They are mindful of employees' needs and foster a positive work environment.”

John D'Alessandro, Sr. Project Manager


“Given the opportunity to work with PM, I have seen the advantages in a professional but family type working environment. The Company promotes educating our staff on all newest technologies, safety and management resources available to assist in our every day activities.


Working as a team, our client and company needs are openly discussed and decisions put into action. Each project may offer many challenges but the opportunities and rewards are goals of our success. I am looking forward to many years of client satisfaction, the result of our commitment to perfection.”

Mike Shea, Electrical Division Manager

“My role as Project Manager here at PM is to adapt to the changing demands and challenges of the project and team. My overall objective of each project is to lead by example to ensure it is successfully completed on time in a professional manner within budget and as per specification.”

Jay Seifert, Project Manager

Key Staff Descriptions | Field Job Descriptions

Project Executive

Mainly responsible for building client relationships. Directly assist in sales & marketing of the company's products to prospective business owners. Handle all business planning and project strategy development. Perform value engineering services for clients, ensuring the best economic value. Develop project schedules, coordinate project tasks and personnel. Negotiate subcontractor proposals; manage man power and direct field crew. Creating, tracking and adjusting project schedules as needed.

Set direction and oversee entire Estimating and Project Management Departments. Developed policy and procedures for estimating and managing all types of construction projects. Manage construction projects from inception to close out. Must be able to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment while continually completing projects under budget and ahead of schedule.

Project Manager

Responsible for establishing and controlling all construction project administration; friendly, expert collaboration with all members of the construction team; subordinate mentoring; protection of PM Construction Services from risk through continued development of expert construction knowledge and compliance with established construction standards.


Responsible for establishing and controlling all project administration, collaboration and scheduling with construction team members, continual development of construction knowledge and compliance with established construction standards. Provide day to day supervision, safety and loss control and presence on site.


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